Stuffies everywhere.

Little like every child loves her stuffies.  However, they were getting out of control.  I tried putting some in her closet using one of those nets that hang.

I tried stashing some in her pop up castle (the princesses of course), as well as her toy bin organizer.  But still they were adding up and I was losing my mind.

Until one day, C and I went shopping for things in our house.  C stated for E they had a big laundry bag (cute) storage.  Okay, well I suppose that is my next choice.  And then I turned around to find IT.

Could this really be the answer to my too many stuffies prayers.  For $10 it is worth a shot.
For her musical stuffies, they stay in her toy bin.  The princesses say in the castle.  Some are floaters on her tv stand or if she currently is having tea time with them.  While the rest until needed go in here.  And in here is great.  It is a chair!! a cute chair that matches her room. And soft.  Easy accessible and I am no longer in question on where to put all her loved ones… or once loved.

I found mine at Walmart but I am sure there are similar type options other places.
Hopefully, this will help fix your solution.  And if not – what do you use?




Little said what?

New (hopefully) weekly on what little (2 1/2 year old) says.

Actually became one of her new favorite words. Actually mom… actually this is what happened. Learned last night that Christopher Robin says ACTUALLY a lot.

Little doesn’t say bathroom. Little has never said the word bathroom.  If someone is in there or little thinks she has to go, it is called the Bahamas. How nice. As little tells everyone how long moms in the Bahamas for….

Last time can mean just recently. Although when talking with her it could seem to be last month. As in last time mom and I went to the food store. Which was a couple hours  prior.

My best friend “name here”. Currently if you spend time with our child – you’re  little’s  bestie.

Little is having her older years catch up with her when she gets really excited and yells “OH  MY GOD” ! I should really try insisting she uses omg instead.  We aren’t quite there yet.

Fregin Awesome God. One of  her many sayings.  Normally it’s her angry tone. I tried to  curve some bad language I or He had stated and we ended up with this.

The worst… her use of the word “damn’t”. While she does use this in proper context. I am not sure how to steer her away.  I have tried telling her to say dude or darn or even dang… etc. She then corrects me and says “no, mom”.

Other laughs.

He: “How old am I now?”
Little: “Old!”
Little: Laughs and laughs.

She: Wearing a batman mask (of course) – ” I am Batman and my best friend is Robin”.
Little: “Mom, you’re best friend is NOT Christopher Robin”.



about changes

The end of June my husband “lost” this job.  He still has his own business but I was a stay at home mom which meant no extra income.  We both thought this was a new start a CHANGE we needed.

After countless number of jobs that we got denied from (too little experience or not a degree), we started to give up.  And we searched for help through the state.  My main concern was our daughter to have insurance and food. This was provided for us.  Less stress.

Finally, an opportunity popped up over Facebook and I landed a job in a restaurant / diner.  I never thought I  would be doing a job such as this. Because all the jobs I applied for were admin/clerical/customer service type jobs. Jobs I had customer service experience for 12 years.

Biggest change I ever made.  No longer a full time stay at home mom.  No longer working for a call center.  No longer business clothes.  Just a plain white tee, black pants, and sneakers with my apron.

After a month of working, I actually like this job.  I get to meet new people, learn a big about their life. New friends. Regulars who come in and I actually remember their drinks.  (Which is impressive considering most days I cannot remember crap) and some days are bad for me there.

The only thing is that I am using more muscles and on my feet all day which causes multiple flares.  I asked my primary doc about this – she encourages this. Now I am just trying to find the right medication to be on while working.

As some of my inspirations would say “motion is lotion”.  As I know it is…. it just stinks because we all need rest.

+ Have you made a change in your life that you would like to share and the details+

It’s Super Mom!

Super mom of chronic crap!
I deal with chronic pain and other illnesses that people don’t like to hear about. Mostly because they don’t truly understand it or they may have a friend that has a symptom but not actually the same thing. I’m not negative I’m just being honest.

So I’ll skip the big horse crap.

I had 3 MRI’s. One showed some white spots (with contrast), however it could be because I get migraines.  I will have another one on October.  I dislike MRI’s! If I don’t take anything prior I will have a panic attack!  I get blood work often, needless to say I’m not scared of a needle.  I’m on just enough pills that don’t make me feel insane – yet.  I am in pain but I tend to deal with it.  I never thought I could live fairly happy with what I have because of anxiety & depression can impact me.

My responsibility is to take care of her and taking care of her needs first. I should take care of me just enough to take care of her.  Because of her I have a different outlook on life.  She makes me strong!  Which I never thought I could be!

I do ask for help if need & my daughter basically knows I’m always sick. She pretends to call the doctor on her phone,  because mama does.  She plays doctor often & I wish those pretend shots and those sweet kisses would cure me!  I want her to know that I’m stronger than these diseases and I will do the best I can for her!

Any mama’s out there who changed how they lived bc of someone? As well if you have a little, what do you do now differently?

Repairing hearts

February never feels like an optimistic month for us. I had two miscarriages one year after the other at Valentines Day.
For him and I it was our day to grieve.

However, this past Valentine’s Day our daughter was almost 2 and I decided to move on… as best as I could.  With a heavy heart I did my very best to try and make her lovey day something she could smile about.

We made a card for my parents & a craft for him. The rest of her frozen cards were signed & colored creatively.

I felt a bit better. That my heart maybe on the mend. When you are trying for so long and get very excited to hear you are pregnant , losing a child at anytime is hard.

So dear angels, I tried to hold on but you sent us a bright smart rainbow!